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SkyReach has reached a new hit record of 60 unique hits today!
SkyReach has reached a new hit record of 59 unique hits today!
SkyReach has reached a new hit record of 54 unique hits today!
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nitrostam22Skyreach is looking for staff members! every day the network is closer to completion, However we need staff to help monitor and maintain servers in game. If anyone is interested please submit a Staff app here on the forums.

We are also looking for builders, If you are interested in building in creative mode please let us know as well.
Gulmor   I'd be happy to help out with either of these things if need be :)
Kilmee   welcome back and congrats on the baby
nitrostam22Skyreach is Coming back! We are still a couple of weeks away from several features across the network but All servers listed at the top of the website are online and running.

Several servers still need a spawn and are heavily in development but feel free to hop on and bug test or just get a head start!

The custom Skyreach launcher is not currently running and is on the To Do list
Gulmor   Good to see you again mate, how have you been?
nitrostam22   Doing well, its been quite a wile. I saw you hoped on infinity
Gulmor   Haha yeah, I saw infinity spawn is still that brick building I looked at with you ^-^
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